The Journey

Crafting a Career

The Story of Harvey

“The desire to inspire others is important to me. Just like I was inspired by others: With music that goes from the ear to the heart.”

- Harvey Mercera


Keight Jarret, John Patituci, Bob James, Fred Hammond and Randel Corsen. These are some of the names that made the young Harvey aspire to make a signifacant contribution to the musical world today.

Born and raised in a loving family on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curaçao. Gifted with talent that only needed to be nurtured, it was a matter of time before he started developing his skills. On these exotic soils he will make his first steps into music.

Tipiko Santa Rosa, one of the most important folklore groups of the island, primarily consisted of family members. The group has many accridited compositions that became part of the Antillian musical heritage.

Grandfather Nemencio Domitilia, better known as Chi Domitilia of Tipiko Santa Rosa, will play an important part in setting his first steps by giving Harvey his first music lessons. Being part of this musically gifted family allowed for a propitious environment.

At one point in his young adult life he stopped relying solely on his gift. Harvey knew he had to take his music to the next level. He wanted to offer it as a way of communication and understanding that makes its way from heart to heart.


Rudy Emerensiana, Evert (Papa) Thomas and Dave Isenia were all influencial teachers. They helped form and condition him for success.

Then came the time when the island had offered eveything it could to his development. It was time to make a decision for an important step.

It’s the summer of 2001. Harvey moves to the Netherlands to further developed what he knows best: music.
He enrolled in the renowned Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, which provied a great platform for this development. He will also fall in love with the city, its people and the cosy musical environment.

Jazz, Gospel, Latin and Soul were the musical genres he spent most of his life studying. In 2006 he will graduate with honours as a pianist, composer arranger and teacher at higher vocational level.

After his graduation he started a bright career and had a vast network of musicians. Equiped with a unique musical style, he had the opportunity to play with professionals and amatuer musicians while being a source of inspiration to his pupils.

“I strongly believe that every musician, regardless of his/her level, has their rightful place in music.”

- Harvey Mercera.

One of his greatests assets is his flexibility to adapt to different styles of musical genres. The list of names with whom he has shared the stage show his diversity as a musician.

- Owen Hart Jr. (Jazz Drummer)
- Izaline Calister (Latin Jazz & Antillian Jazz)
- Ralph Peterson
- Dena DeRose
- David Berkman
- Elisa Krijgsman
- Don Braden
- Junior Martir (World Rhythm, Melodic Roots)
- Mogambo Latin Band (Spanish & Brazilian music, Salsa)
- Ache Cubano (Son, Salsa band)
- Hasan Band (Turkish music)
- Rod Niangandumu (Afro Pop music)
- Smiling Osei (Reggae Band)


His exclusive talents can provide a unique blend between gospel interpreted in the language of jazz.
Through the years he has discoverd that this is one of the ways in which he can personalize his roots; the way that conveys the art of prolific rhytms is how he can do justice to his musical identity. And it is this musical identity that is at the base of Pro-Dux.

As he has been inspired in life is is how he wants to inspire others with music that goes from the ear directly to the heart. This is the hope that he carries with him to every musical encounter, to different ethnic groups and through life.

Harvey Mercera is and will remain a true musical gift.