From Ideas to Real Audio

At Pro-Dux we welcome everybody with the serious aspiration to bring their
dreams of recording into reality.
We are specialized in developing your ideas into professional audio products.

Whether it is starting from scratch or a demo-recording.
Pro-Dux can provide you with the expertise and facilities to do so.

Let’s get in touch, talk about your project and discuss the possibilities.


Start Your Journey

The Plan

During the pre-production phase we
will go through the recording essentials.
E.g.: composition, arrangement
and technical details.

Action Phase

This is where the actual recording happens.
By working with other recording studios, we can
provide you with the required tools for different
kind of recordings. From a solo to band recording.

The Grand Finale

Editing, mixing and mastering.
After this phase your tracks are ready
to be exported to a variety of
media to be enjoyed.